2017 People's Republic .999 888g Silver Limited Edition 35th Panda Sphere

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People's Republic silver Limited Edition "35th Anniversary" Panda Sphere 2017 UNC, 888gm, 99.9% fine. No more than 1982 made.   This .888 kilogram commemorative issue was created in celebration of the 35 year historical run of gold Panda coinage by the Chinese government, spanning the years 1982 to 2017 (as of the sphere's design). While the 1 kilo version was produced in larger numbers for Chinese market, this U.S. version, the 888 gram edition, being of lower mintage, is harder to come by and is of correspondingly higher value. The specimen, exceptionally crafted and in immaculate condition, comes with a dedicated display case with locking screws designed to secure this unique item for many generations' future enjoyment and appreciation. Both the sphere and case are sold in their original boxes, with Certificate of Authenticity (no. 0675) included.

From the included certificate of authenticity:

"The Commemorative Silver Decoration for the 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Chinese Panda Gold Coin is issued by China Gold Coin Incorporation, minted by Shangahi Mint Co., Ltd, and solely distributed by Shanghai Gold Coin Investment Co., Ltd. The Silver Decoration is spherical. The top part depicts the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and the words "The 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Chinese Panda Gold Coin" in English, and marks the logo of China Gold Coin Incorporation. The middle part decorated with patterns of the issued Chinese Panda Gold Coins since 1982 to 2017. The bottom side combined a panda of 2017 Chinese Panda Gold Coin with "35" and the words "The 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Chinese Panda Gold Coin" in Chinese, "1982", "2017", fineness and weight. This is to certify that the decoration is standard as to its fineness and weight."